I take women on soul searching journeys that transforms their view of the world. The experiences they have become a catalyst to reinvent their role and image, business and life.

My Soul Therapy Sessions will help you have a powerful breakthrough that will create an opening for you to fulfill your purpose as you tap into ancient wisdom and bring out the spirit of your inner wild woman.

You’ll gain insights into what’s inside to experience wholeness and to express yourself in new exciting ways.
 With my well rounded knowledge and expertise guiding you through the entire process, you’ll be able to get in touch with your inner self in ways you could have never imagined.

Each breakthrough session will leave you feeling relieved, inspired and powerful. Experience wholeness through soul retrieval work on a whole new level.

Join me on this journey to become freed up from the past and completely present to the beauty of your life as it is today.


Any of our sessions will empower you on each and every level, the best place to start is to get a Face Reading Session. This will help you gain clarity and awareness. Once you are clear about what you need to know about what you are facing, then I suggest going into deeper levels to create long lasting change.

Face Reading

Learn the secret to your inner and outer beauty by discovering the inner dimensions of your soul’s progress in this life. Laura will read your face and look into eyes to see what challenges you are experiencing as well as a glimpse of your future. These psychic readings provide a lot of clarity. They are both fun and informative.

These sessions will be done via Zoom. (A custom aromatherapy blend and chakra tea will be made for you for your session. Shipping will be billed separately.)

Rapid Eye Technology (RET) Session

If you are looking for a session that will help get you unstuck, Rapid Eye Technology (RET) is one of the fastest ways to get you where you want to be quickly. RET sessions help to release stress on a deep level and shift patterns of behavior without going into the drama of your situation. Most stress is a result of a trauma that happened in the past, sometimes even before we were born, which is impacting you today. Rapid Eye Technology (a holistic treatment) helps to bring awareness to what you need to see to shift and disrupt those patterns so you can get a relief from them.

In an RET session, you’ll follow eye movements, eye blinking and a script that helps you heal on a cellular level. Often, we find ourselves incapable of moving forward due to the emotional weight of our past. Trauma is stored in the body and becomes encoded in our DNA.  To release it, your brain and body needs a little help to release the imprint of these events. What you’ll discover is that the energy release you have in these sessions is so fast that you’ll have a serge of creativity afterwards!

These sessions are done via Zoom or in Person.

(A Custom Aromatherapy Chakra Success blend and Chakra tea will be made for you for your session. Shipping will be billed separately.)

Journey to the Heart

This shamanic journey is customized for you using aromatherapy blends will restore a sense of balance in your life. This is a heart chakra journey is a guided meditation that opens up your intuition and gives you a deeper soul connection and energy clearing that leads to endless possibilities. Each blend is hand-crafted from Laura’s apothecary and blended with your intention to open your heart and allow the possibility of love.

If you’ve ever experienced a disconnection from your heart and you are not sure where to turn, this session will give you the clarity to discover what it is needed next, so that you can become aware of what actions to take.

These sessions are done via Zoom. (Custom Aromatherapy Success Blend and Chakra Tea will be used during in your session. Shipping will be billed separately.)

Akashic Records Journey

One of the most powerful life readings you’ll receive, Laura will journey into the ancient Akashic Records to discover the true purpose of your soul and its evolution. If you find yourself searching for your life’s purpose and a deeper sense of fulfillment and meaning, this reading can help you discover a reconnection to your soul so that you can live your life in alignment.

These sessions are done via Zoom.

(A custom Chakra Aromatherapy Success blend will be made for you and chakra tea which is sold separately.)

Transformational Leadership Coaching

As your energy becomes clearer in the soul therapy sessions, it becomes natural to want to take action and share your gifts with the world. To achieve what you want, it is a matter of knowing what actions to take to gain momentum, to make the impact you want to make.

All coaches and leaders that are high preformers have a coach to stay on track. My guidance will help you clear blocks, keep your head in the game and help you stay in action. Each session will help you have a career defining breakthroughs in your business and career. Transform any conversations that has been holding you back into a breakthrough that helps you achieve your highest goals. As an experienced transformational coach, Laura can help you align with your goals and stay on track to overcome blockages to take your professional life to the next level.

These sessions can be done via Zoom.

(A custom made Chakra Aromatherapy Success blend and Chakra Tea blend will be made for you and is included. Shipping will be billed separately.)


Awakened Soul Journey

Write, produce, and star your own epic, soul-powered Hollywood Success Story — working in alignment with your personal energy system, the astrological cycles, and the phases of the moon.

The 12-month Awakened Soul Journey offers an unparalleled experience to bring your heart’s deepest desires — both business and personal — into manifestation. Through a unique mix of intention-setting and alignment, aromatherapy, and coaching, you’ll spend the next 12 months as an intentional creator, magnetizing your biggest dreams toward you.

Stop living life at the effect of your circumstances, create your big breakthrough, and own your power to do it again and again in your life and business.

Click below to learn all about this powerful program.

  • “I signed up for Live Out Your Own Hollywood Success Story because I wanted to embrace who I am and all of the parts of myself. To me, the journey each month gave me access to self love and breaking through barriers each month for success, freedom and to be fully self expressed. It's was a journey to be my authenic self, whatever it takes.

    Carmen Elizabeth Rivero Electrical Engineering Student/Non-Profit Intern
  • “I did Create Your Own Hollywood Success Story, because I wanted to have a structure in my life to support my spiritual transformation. What I got out of it, was a tangible plan and I experienced a total shift of energy. The benefits I got was insight and clarity on my goals and how to reach them. I felt a spiritual connectedness and relief to know that each month I had a monthly structure filled with ancient knowledge and insights into how to bring it all into todays world within everyday practices.”

    Carmen Elizabeth Rivero Electrical Engineering Student/Non-Profit Intern
  • “When I went through the Shapeshifting your Life Using the Power of Intention, I was scattered, unclear about where I was going, what I wanted to do in my business and how I was going to make money. The meditation gave me clarity and I felt a deep emotional connection around telling my transformational story. The day after, I had a tv show contact me. They wanted to write a documentary about me and my life story! I also had a big financial breakthrough and the day after doing the meditation, I got a check for 20,000. The biggest benefits I see is the profound clarity I got in my life, my business and around my path in the future. By writing insights down after my meditation and reviewing it later, I could see the connection of how it showed up in my life. Clarity was the greatest gift. It gave me the freedom of knowing what I needed to do and after that I could just take action”

    Mary Beth Ramsey
  • Every time I’ve hired Laura to do a Face Reading on me, I was stressed out, tired and needing to have a breakthrough in an area of my life. I also wanted to learn about more about myself and what others see in me. I wanted to know, what is my life going to look like, the next week, the next month and to tell me what I don’t already know. Plus it's so much fun. The readings have given me the clarity I was looking for in my career, my love life, my finances and what the future held. By having the clarity I was looking for, it illuminated the areas that were in my blind spots so I could move from being stuck to moving forward in my life. Every time I get a reading it is so inspiring and enlightening!

    Jennifer Jones-Landry Writer/Artist
  • I enjoyed getting readings so much, one day Laura suggested that I learn how to do Face Readings on myself. I didn’t know I could do it. When I did do it, I was amazed at how well I could do it! Laura brought out a natural gift that I already had and didn’t know I had. Learning how to do Face Readings gave me a way to communicate with my unconscious. It opens me up to my own intuition and gives me access to power. Once I did it on myself and gained confidence to do the readings, I wanted to share my gift by reading other people. It was so cool to see that I was spot on and that other people were so blown away. Going through the training brings out your gifts and shows you how to amplify your psychic ability, which gives you a different understanding of human nature, a collective level of experience and of your life.

    Jennifer Jones-Landry Writer/Artist
  • Originally, I did Soul Retrieval Sessions to help me to call in my soul mate. I think in order for me to find true love with an other human being who is also emotionally healthy, I had to do soul retrieval, so I could heal those broken parts of myself, so I could find someone who was a match. I knew there was something that I couldn’t put my finger on that was keeping me from having the life I really wanted. I had already tried all of the self help books and therapy and that did not resolve that sense of emptiness or lack I felt inside. Doing Soul Retrieval work helped me to realize that there were some childhood issues that needed to be resolved in order for me to feel complete. To me, this work is inner child work. Today, I feel complete with my family and am able to be a much better mother to my sons because now I am not passing down all of that stuff from my past onto them. This work helped me create a clearing for my husband to show up, who was inspired to do his own spiritual journey that lead him to do his own soul retrieval work himself. I recommend doing this work because It helps you live an authentic life and you are more present. It gives you have a sense of inner peace, calm and wholeness. Now that my energy is clear, I notice that people pick up that there is someone different about me and I draw a lot of people into my life because I am open. I think that is why I now I am being lead now to doing healing work for others and to set healthy boundaries, like any therapist would do, while helping them at the same time.

    Jennifer Jones-Landry Writer/Artist
  • I have done many different 40 day Manifestion Meditation journeys with the custom blends and one in particular stands out the most. I wanted to have a breakthrough in my marriage. We had been having some power struggles. Once I got past the surface, I saw that what I was dealing with wasn’t even really a power struggle with other people, what I saw is was that I was bringing the past into the present. When I did the 40 day Manfestation Meditation with the blend, it gave me the ability to take my power back. It was life altering. Doing this work, gave me the ability to have a huge breakthrough in my marriage and to get present with my husband by being fully authentic. I would highly recommend getting the blends and going on the journeys because of the power of what you get out of it. Like me sometimes you think that the breakthrough you are going to have is about one particular thing, when it is really about something else. Most of the time, it is really about getting complete with something in the past. My advice, is that you have to be open to what unfolds in the journey and be willing to do the work. On the surface it seems like it is a magic potion, but it is just an amplifier for what is already going on that you may not be able to see until you really look at things. You have to be willing to do the work and sometimes its shadow work, and learning how to embrace an aspect of myself that I didn’t want to see. It is not for the faint of heart, but it is truly enlightening, rewarding and transformational for those who are willing to go there.

    Jennifer Jones-Landry Writer/Artist
  • I called Laura because I just moved into a new house and had just gotten married. I wanted to have a house blessing to clear the energy in the space, to set intentions in each room so that goals could be created in each area of our lives. It really helped to amplify the energy. What showed up as a result is that we ended up having big fun festive events, huge Christmas parties and family events. By clearing and energizing the space it gave me the ability to be more energetically and spiritually connected to the space I lived in and it put me more in tune with the energy of my family and helped me to create a tighter bond with them. I was also inspired to create community events in my home and I started a book club. Getting a House Blessing is a great way for the whole family to set intentions for what they want to experience while living in a home.

    Jennifer Jones-Landry Writer/Artist
  • I went to Laura to do a 60 Minute Personal Session because I wanted to have a breakthrough in my life, sometimes not really knowing what challenges I would face by the choices that I made. This session is a blend of transformational and healing work that is powerful. It’s like the experience of the caterpillar turning into the butterfly and all of the stages it goes through to get freed up. Going on the journey, causes you to strip away the layers to go deep down to the heart of what it is that you want. It is intense and involves soul searching and shadow work, but it freeing and inspirational in the end.

    Jennifer Jones-Landry Writer/Artist
  • When I called Laura for one of the 60 minute Integrated Session, I felt like the sessions were curated just for me. They were tailored for me to go through advanced spiritual techniques to help me unleash the power of my souls expression. I remember one session in particular where I had come in the have a financial breakthrough and breakthrough in my career. I’d just left the family business because it had sold and I was trying to figure out what was next. This lead me to doing identity work. In this session, Laura combined a Chakra Balancing session with a Purposeful Makeup Session. I learned how to create who I saw myself as and defined who I wanted to be. Doing identity work lead me to go back to grad school and become an English professor, which eventually lead me to becoming a writer and an artist. It helped me to create who I was and who I believed myself to be for the world. It also helped me to create a shift in my unconscious and to learn how to put intentions on my face and then project that intention out to the world. What I noticed is that people responded to what I had said and they saw me as powerful. I was blown away that other people could actually feel and responded to the intentions that I set. I felt empowered. Now when I stand up and speak in front of people, they see me how I have chosen to see myself.

    Jennifer Jones-Landry Writer/Artist
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