The world is waiting for you to show up and be who you’ve always been inside, it’s just a matter of bringing it out of you.

I have created 2 unique signature programs that work hand in hand with one another to help to bring your souls calling out into the world.

If you want to be successful, you have think like celebrities and role models do. Look the part, act the part and be the part.

There is a whole psychology behind high levels of success which gets revealed in these two incredible life altering programs.


“Travel with me deep into your heart to search for beauty and then to express the power of your experience on the surface to create a powerful persona, an image and within your life.”


Have you ever wondered what makes celebrities and role models tick? What sets them apart from the average joe? My search for answers took me from my hometown of Dallas to Hollywood and back to share with you in this online course, revealing everything I discovered, which was revolutionary and completely not what I expected to find out.

I learned that to become a star in your field and to impact millions of people, you have to take the time to get to know yourself, to be grounded within yourself, learn the tools to balance your energy and to embody a persona that matches who you are on the inside with how you express yourself with the outside world. All of this together helps you become a brand and the journey behind it of what it takes to get there is where the true artform takes place.

So how do you get there? I take you on a year long program, where every month you dicover a new approach and application skills to beauty that affects your view of your self and the world, you’ll have time to live out the experiences and go through a transformational process and then write down everything you have learned each month which will ultimately turn into a book. In the journey, all of the areas where you take action like applying your makeup differently to see what you attract and writing the book become a grounding force for the wisdom that you learn along the way. It’s truly an interactive experience as well as a social experiment for you to go through. We have a community that is also engaged in the journey together so that you get to go on the journey with others and get support and inspiration from them.

I guide you through all of those tools you’ll need so that your energy is in alignment with who you say you are to the world. This is a character building experience, similar to what stars go through when they play a part, the only difference is that your image will be based on exploring 12 different sides of you that relate to different themes and growth cycles in your life.

The story of your life is written on your face which is why you’ll write about the experiences you have along the way including, those that are from the past, present and the future. Each month represents a chapter of your life that drives you to become more present with yourself. In the end, you’ll have an autobiography of where you started and who you have become as a result of going through this journey with different looks that represent the transformation you went through that relates to your story.

You’ll go through the all of the transformations necessary to manage your energy on every level and along the way, as you gain more momentum, more clarity, have sparks of inspiration, syncronicities happen and you’ll bring out your gifts and talents for the world to see. If you want to connect to your souls calling, find your purpose and to bring it out then this is the course for you.

With Heartfelt Journeys course you focus solely on yourself. It is a time where you get to know yourself, you explore the trials and tribulations that have given you the wisdom you have today. As a result you have a story to tell which turns into a book, which gives all of the feelings and experiences you have had a voice. When you have a book you are seen in the world as a leader and respected as an expert because you are willing to open you heart and put yourself out there. It also tells the world where you came up with the ideas you have and how that has been a driving force in your life to ultimately contribute to others. Your look and the persona you create on this journey becomes a brand because once your book is complete, you will be getting photos done, buiding a website in an Entrepereneurs Dream Come True program, so you will need to be tuned into how it really all works behind the scenes, so you can look the parts that are inspired by all media areas – fashion, advertising, tv, film and marketing in other areas of different industries. By being in tune with the naturally occuring cycles which affect the story of our life and the inspirations that nature brings to our image, you learn how to become a trendsetter and to show up powerfully just like the stars do for all of the media you are about to go through to invent yourself as a star.

When you have your look together, the world sees you as being polished and having your crap together and as a status symbol of success, but as you see it goes way deeper than that to pull yourself together. It is a balancing act that’s built on a foundation of integrity with who you are beyond the look, because the surface is ever changing. For you, you’ll learn the skills to have it all, not just on the surface but on a deep heart level.


In an Entrepreneurs Dream come true we solve on of the biggest challenges that entrepreneurs face, getting out of their own way so that they can contribute to the world in a big impactful way. To do that I will help to guide you so that you can keep your mind clear and in the right place for big success. This course will help you to leave a legacy behind, because really all we want is to make a difference for others. The key – focus on something larger than yourself and you include the world and make the greatest impact.

In an Entrepreneurs Dream come true course, you bring the book that you write of the story of your life and your successes from the Heartfelt Journeys program and everything that you have learned about business and you create your own Hollywood Success story. I teach you how to bring that story to life in real life using your intuition and the natural cycles to inspire you. I will give you the tools to build a business in the right sequencing, so it will save you time and energy. Standing in one year you will have everything you need to be on a whole new path, have it all together and to hit the ground running.

Up until this point, you have been at the effect of your life circumstances, of life dramas happening to you and you have been dealing with life as it comes, but from this stand point, you learn how to be a creative force who generates their life and is empowered by the story you created that gives you joy and inspiration.

In this journey, you’ll come with a lot of ideas on how to create a solution in the world – through your story and what you have learned, solutions for an industry you want to impact with products that make life easier for an industry and coaching to help others remove blocks and get unstuck and a creative way to teach others what you have learned, whether it is writing a film or creating an online course, that expression is up to you. We will harness all of those creative ideas into a website, because that is the new Hollywood. It’s the place where you can be whoever you want to be and you are not limited to what you want to create. So as you live into your Hollywood success story, you are simultaneously building a structure for your dream to hold all of your creative ideas as you get clearer and clearer, it becomes easy to articulate what it is that you are really doing along the way.

In this program I help you create the face of a business in a website and on the pages in your website I help you expand on the journey you will take people through. You see this is not just a website, it is an expression of your calling and how you will be impacting millions of peoples lives. I will teach you ways to get creative and make money as well so that you are doing what you love and making money doing it.

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