Heartfelt Journeys began as a way to help women connect to their souls purpose and express their gifts to the world.

How do you effectively build a business and a career while staying connected to your heart and soul? At Heartfelt Journeys, we help you rediscover your life’s purpose with spiritual tools that creates a catalyst for transformation. This transformational journey helps you reconnect to your deepest self and impacts your life on every level including your business, family, health, and love life.

Laura’s Origin Story

Our founder, Laura Schakosky, started this company when, at the pinnacle of her career as a celebrity makeup artist in Hollywood, she began searching for meaning and fulfillment.

Still haunted by her childhood and in search of answers, she worked with a therapist who used Rapid Eye Therapy (RET) for inner child release work and discovered that the man she called her father, was not her biological father. This became a catalyst for a healing process that would lead her on the first part of her healing journey that included practicing Kundalini Yoga and the chakras with Guru Meher and Guru Mukh. She would then learn Face Reading from Deepti Diwakar.

Now that her past had been resolved and her energy balanced, she was ready to become the student. In 1996, she began working with the spiritual teacher, Joan Clark from Palais Aromaetica, who certified her in Alchemy, Shamanic Healing, Plant Medicine, Advanced Chakra Healing, Goddess Mystery School and Ceremony work. These practices helped her learn how to balance energy and heal others using a variety of tools and methods. She became certified in Aromatherapy by Jade Shutes at the School of Aromatic Studies.

In 1999, she attended a weekend retreat where a group of shamans from all over the world including the Amazon, Ecuador, as well as Native Americans. These shamans had come to share their wisdom in hopes of helping to bring the human race back into balance and over the course of the weekend, did ceremonial rituals with many of the participants. These shamans worked on Laura and performed chakra clearing and heart opening rituals that changed the course of her life.

After these healing sessions, Laura was inspired to commit her life to keeping these sacred healing arts alive through practicing and teaching. She moved back to Texas and spent the next eight years leading women’s circles and teaching these ancient practices.

The driving force behind her professional and spiritual journey was a yearning to understand power and success. Working up close and personal with celebrities gave her the ability to have a deeply intimate experience with them and develop a better understanding of the qualities it takes to “make it” in Hollywood. As a result, she learned how to break through the barriers that hold us back to be unstoppable and have the life we’ve always dreamed of. Her work weaves together spiritual experiences, reinvention through beauty, and transformation healing to help people fulfill their dreams.

Are you ready to make a transition in your life?

Let’s work together to connect to your authentic self and then reinvent your life in alignment with who you really are and to bring your dreams to reality.

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